The members of our organization have been donating time and energy to the mission of conserving Cochamó’s cultural and natural resources for many years.

Here are some projects that we have undertaken, or would like to achieve.


  • Trail work on trail into Cochamó, and main trails
  • Installation of dry composting toilets in campgrounds
  • Construction of “primitive” toilets at advanced basecamps
  • Trash removal / area cleanup
  • Search and Rescue operations

Present (Season of 2018-19)

  • Improvement of access trail into main valley
  • Improvement of access trails to high mountain valleys
  • New or improved signage for trail systems (including educational signage)
  • Installation of “primitive” toilet in Paloma valley
  • Second annual work day (“Minga”) to clean up valleys and remove trash from camp sites


  • Legal fees to secure acceptance of dry composting toilets (instead of septic systems) with Ministerio de Salud (ministry of health).
  • A Search and Rescue team with liability protection, equipment, and training, to respond to incidents in the valley in an official capacity.